About us

ESSEDOMUS is a newly created division within the manufacturing facility SAETEC s.a.s., a company that has been operating in the field of metal processing for generations, focusing on creativity and originality, with a consolidated tradition and an outstanding legacy of experience.
With the adoption of modern technologies ESSEDOMUS manufactures metal products for the outdoors, offers innovative solutions in every product seeking a synthesis between the functional needs of everyday life and the best technical and design requirements, ensuring the accuracy of the work and quality of materials used.

SAETEC headquarte is in Robbiate, in the province of Lecco, an industrial area included in the remarkable natural environment of Brianza, with a strong entrepreneurial tradition. SAETEC operates in strict compliance with Italian and European standards of safety and environment with qualified and careful personnel always giving special attention to the pursuit of quality in the results of their work.

Saetec s.a.s. is registered with the Consortium Craftsmen Trades Lecco (Consorzio Mestieri Artigiani Lecco).

High capacity
Stainless steel
Strong and elegant
Easy to install
100% Made in Italy